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See what some of our previous clients had to say. 
If we've worked together and you would like to leave a testimonial please fill in the contact form here.


koda - newfoundland

"Firstly wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday! 

We came away feeling great and rightly or wrongly had so much fun with koda!

A lot of what you said resonated with us and it’s clear that us letting koda think she’s in charge in the house can translate negatively in situations when we are outside and need her to listen.

We’ve already tried the ‘focus’ activity paired with the clicker and she seems to grasp it pretty easily. Already holiding about 2-3 seconds of eye contact.

Even walking her today and giving her commands ‘this way’ as we were passing some dogs that she was trying to engage with in a potentially negative way) she is definitely receptive to this and it doesn’t seem that its just serving as a distraction, more that she’s happy she’s been told.


We are overwhelmed by how much tailored advice you’ve given us not only to help improve koda’s obedience but also her health, wellbeing & overall enrichment.

Thank you for the food recommendations as we’d been unsure on that and obviously want her to be on the healthiest diet possible - we’ll be getting one ordered from the website asap.

Slowly but surely we will digest all the information and start to apply it into koda’s routine.


If we have the odd question we’ll get in touch but will definitely look to book another session in the coming months as we wouldn’t want to take liberties asking questions through WhatsApp.


I feel that both us and koda will benefit so much from this going forward. It doesn’t even feel like training more like improving our connection with koda and like you say communicating effectively.


A 5* review goes without saying. Honestly one of the best experiences we’ve had.


Really can’t thank you enough for the amount of information and advice you’ve given us Frankie.


Hope to speak to you soon."

Gary, stella, meg - bullies

Frankie has been consistently helping us since 2019, offering support and guidance for our 3 rescue dogs. We first came across Frankie in 2019 when we rehomed Gary, our American Bulldog. At 9 months old he was a juvenile pup that found kennel life hard, we were determined to give him the best life possible and upon bringing him home we faced some behavioural issues due stress which would cause him to jump up and latch on to clothing, often catching you in the process. Frankie provided us with a number of methods and training resources which enabled us to read Gary’s behaviours and understand the triggers which in turn enabled us to combat this, gain his focus and redirect his attention for a positive desired outcome. In 2020 we reached out to Frankie again after rehoming Stella, our second American Bulldog. Stella is a reactive dog and her first interaction with Gary, was not positive. Frankie provided us with consistent support in training Stella, offering guidance on Stella’s body language, hints and tips of how to gain her trust and ultimately getting her to focus on us and no one else. We sent a number of videos to Frankie of the work we were doing with Stella, of how often we would have controlled meets with Gary and in return he would give us feedback based on the content we had sent across and what we could/should work on next. We are now in a position where Gary & Stella live together in a positive environment. In late 2021, we rehomed Meg, our third rescue dog who is a bullbreed cross and was only 8 weeks old when we bought her home. Not only is Meg our first ‘pup’, she had been handreared due to being rejected by her mum in kennels which meant she missed out on those crucial doggie social skills in her early life that in theory mum would of shown her. Once again Frankie was on hand to support as we had to ensure Meg grew into a confident and social pup with the right behaviours, we also had to consider Stella and how we approached their interactions responsibly. Meg is now just over 1 years old and she is fantastic, her recall is excellent and she is great with our children, her understanding of doggie behaviours is coming on leaps and bounds and in a public environment she is very playful with excellent social skills and beginning to display controlled introduction skills. Work with Stella and Meg is still very much work in progress however with Frankie’s advice on how to ensure both dogs are safe means we are able to walk Stella and Meg together with Stella off lead whilst Meg remains on lead due to her excitable approach not overwhelming Stella. All in all we couldn’t recommend Frankie enough, his knowledge is extensive and his main priority is ensuring dogs have the best life possible

alex Jager.jpg


“I went to Frankie to help with my dog's obedience and engagement with my Shepard mix jäger. Frankie having two Sheperd’s of his own seemed like the best choice as a dog behaviourist/trainer. Since our virtual assessments and online help I couldn’t be happier with my progress with jäger, we are enjoying our walks and hikes way more now! A total 180 for obedience and honestly I feel like jägers happier! Thank you again Frankie for helping me and jäger !!! Highly recommended !”

rosie - corgi x jrt

"I adopted Rosie from a shelter when she was four months old & prior to that, she was a stray from Romania. I knew I had to bring her home but at the same time, I knew she would have been a handful without any training & on top of that also being my first dog.
The two things that I went to Frankie for was - 1) Rosie always barking at every possible dog on walks & - 2) Pulling on the lead to go whichever direction SHE decides SHE wants to go – it really felt like Rosie was the one taking me for a walk.
With Rosie being a slightly nervous dog with new people, I was worried that the first introduction with Frankie would have been stressful for her but she seemed to gravitate towards him right away – this made the training sessions a lot more enjoyable.
While Rosie still tugs on the lead & barks at other dogs, she now listens to me when I correct her all thanks to Frankie’s help. She’s young & still learning to behave while on walks, however Rosie is getting better one step at a time – pardon the pun."

phil rosie.jpg
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patrick - irish wolfhound

"We had been to three other trainers and spent thousands of pounds with dog training schools and dog trainers before we met Frankie. We went on one consultation and it was the first time that things seemed to click for our dog Patrick and more importantly clicked for us. 
We felt much more equipped to work on the problems ourselves after the consultation but we have had three follow-ups since. One in person and two through video call. 
Can not recommend enough, Patrick has been a dream since we started working with Frankie."

ruby - romanian x

"We rescued our Ruby about a year ago when she was about 2. We don't think Ruby had a good life before we got her she lived in the street and was really scared of everything, people dogs, noises but especially men. We had a dog trainer before Frankie who really helped us with her confidence and lead walking but we never cracked her problem with men. After she bit my son for the 3rd time we knew we needed help. 

Frankie was the first man Ruby ever met that she didn't instantly hate, he built a bond with her super quickly and then worked on her issues with us. But the best thing was how Frankie took the time to talk to my son about how he could be involved in the training and teach him about reading Ruby's body signs. He really helped my son regain his confidence with her and now they're best friends again"
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Nancy - PUGGLE

We went to Frankie to get help with our 10 Month old Pug x Beagle Nancy. She had issues with biting when overexcited, lead reactivity and general obedience. After meeting Nancy, Frankie was able to teach us how best to tackle her issues and how to overcome her biting and reactivity. After a couple of weeks implementing what Frankie taught us we have seen such an improvement in her behaviour and overall obedience. She has gone from a shy and reactive dog into one who can play and socialise with other dogs. 


KYUS - Greyhound

"Frankie is very knowledgeable, helpful and professional. I’d highly recommend him for one to one training. From the first session my pup learned so much."

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