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We're here to help

Whether you're struggling with excessive pulling, resource guarding, or extreme aggression toward other dogs or people we're here to help. 

All of our training packages are bespoke and tailored to you and your dog. 

We take a holistic approach to dog training and ensure that moving forward you're equipped to handle the problem and start to see the solutions. 

During our sessions, we will figure out exactly what is going on, the cause of the problem, and the steps we can take to eradicate the problem.

I believe in empowering people to empower their dogs - there's no point in making your dog behave for me while you still struggle the minute you're on your own. So there are no trade secrets - I will give you all the information, drills, and protocols you need to get on top of your behavioural concerns. 

Our packages and services are outlined below; however, we do recommend getting in contact with us for an initial chat on the phone so we can help direct you to the package best suited for your situation. Every dog and every behaviour is different and the amount of lessons required to fix the problem will depend on a variety of factors. 

One-off "Top up" lessons are available to anyone who has completed any of our packaged services at a reduced rate. 

Oncall advice timeframe is dependent on the pace of your in-person and online lessons - terms and conditions apply*

Silver package

2 x 1 hour in-person lessons. 

One month of on-call support. *

If you need to shape up some of your dogs behaviour, address some lead pulling, manners in the house or just want to set your dog up for success in life then The Silver Package might be for you. 

Costs and break down: 

 - Initial phone consultation. 

- 2 x 1 hour lessons. 

- On-going 24/7 support for 2 weeks after your lesson. 



Gold Package

5 hours with your behaviourist. *

Three months of on-call support. 

If you're struggling with some behaviours with your dog, need some behaviour modification or want to set your dog up with the best chance of success in everyday life then The Gold Package might be for you.  

Costs and breakdown: 

 - Initial phone consultation. 

- 2 x 1-hour lessons. 

- Zoom lesson during your "homework" phase. 

- 2 x 1-hour fine-tuning lessons to help you keep on top of the problem. 

- On-going 24/7 support for 4 weeks after your lessons. 


Platinum package

10 hours with your behaviourist. 

Six months of on-call support. *

This is our transformation package. If your dog needs a complete overhaul or you are struggling with some severe behavioural problems then The Platinum Package might be for you.  

Costs and break down: 

 - Initial phone consultation. 

- 3 x 1-hour in-person lessons. 

- Zoom lesson during your "homework" period.

3 x 1-hour in-person lesson

-Zoom lesson to aid in your second stage of "homework" training. 

- 1  x 1-hour in-person lessons to fine-tune your handling skills. 

- 1 x 1-hour in person follow up lesson to touch base a month later to see how you are getting on by yourself. 

- On-going 24/7 support for 3 months after your lessons. 



Online lessons.

The online world of dog training can be a mindfield to sift through. If you just need to chat with a behaviourist to ensure you're doing right by your dog or to chat over a specific behaviour problem then our online lessons might be for you. 

If you're further afield or just need to touch base after some in person training then these packages are ideal. 

Cost and break-down: 

1 X 1 hour zoom lesson: £50.00


1 x 1 hour in-person lesson. 

If you just need a top-up lesson to fine-tune the progress you've made so far. Or you need an additional top-up lesson after one of your packages you can book in for one lesson with us. 


Top-up lessons are only available for anyone who has gone through any of the above packages. They are available at this reduced rate up to 3 months after your initial package has been completed.

Costs and breakdown: 

1 x 1 hour in-person lesson 


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